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Why Hervey Bay?

Why Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay - Whale Watching Capital of the World

Hervey Bay has now been recognised as the only genuine stop-over on the humpback whales' southern migration along Australia's east cast.

The calm safe waters of Platypus Bay off the north-western coast of Fraser Island, in the Hervey Bay Marine Park, have become known world wide as a prime whale watching area.

From August to October humpback whales on their migration south to the Antarctic stop to rest, play and nurture their calves in the bay.

After entering the area the whales suddenly stop their migration style swimming and relax with the females concentrating on feeding, preparing their young calves for the 5,000 km journey and teaching them the art of survival.

It is believed that the shallow calm waters provide shelter giving the whales the opportunity to socialise and to give the new-born calves a chance to grow stronger before they continue south.

The clear waters of the Bay provide a perfectly safe resting area for females with their new-born calves, as it is free from their main predators: the Orcas or killer whales and pack sharks.

Whale sightings are guaranteed in Hervey Bay!