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Things To Do on Fraser Island

Things To Do on Fraser Island
1. Head off for the day to explore Fraser Island’s beauty spots with Fraser Island Tours.
2. Embark on eco marine adventures along Fraser Island’s remote north west coastline with Sea Explorer.
3. Grab a picnic hamper and escape.
4. Hire a 4WD and make your own tracks.
5. Dive into the clear blue waters of Lake McKenzie or relax on its white sandy beaches.
6. Swim in the Champagne Pools, nature's jacuzzi formed by waves crashing into rock pools.
7. Float down fast-flowing Eli Creek as it rushes to the beach.
8. Trek across Hammerstone Sand Blow from the beach to swim in the fresh water of Lake Wabby - and oasis in a desert.
9. Photograph the coloured sands of the Pinnacles and the Maheno shipwreck on the beach.
10. Drive along famous Seventy-Five Mile Beach as the waves crash in and birds of prey circle overhead.
11. Climb Indian Head for the views along the coast.
12. Bird watch. Fraser is a bird watchers paradise with an incredible 354 recorded bird species.